Sanofi Toujeo®


Sanofi Toujeo®



Employer: DCA Design International  Client: Sanofi-Aventis Groupe  Images: Sanofi Aventis Groupe - Licened under Creative Commons Attribution License.  All trademarks are property of Sanofi Groupe.

Project : Disposable injection pen for U300 insulin


As part of a team at DCA design international I helped see the Toujeo pen and packaging from concept to production. My specific responciblities within this project were for the labeling and packaging and supporting the 3D development. 

The challenge was to create a design the was distinct in a crowded space, ensuring it provided good visual contrast for people with different levels of visual ability.  It was important to maintain visual seperation from other medications that use similar colour signatures as well as distinguishing the U300 varient from existing U100 products for safety and could work with (circa) 30 langauges and meet all the regulartory and production requirements needed.

One innovation was using a half-tone pattern with non-regular tonal contrast dots, this allows the design to maintain maximum contrast across a number of lighting conditions, as well as taking into account different types of colour blindness and being an entirely unique approach.   


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