Concept Office Phone - 2013

Desk phones are an endangered species.  That being said there is a genuine satisfaction to dialing a number whilst reading it and not looking at the keypad. Slamming down a handset after a frustrating call is also far more rewarding than poking a touch screen, so there is something to be said for the trusty desk phone.  Conference rooms, receptions, and offices with static seating arrangements often include desk phones for the convenience of the workers, so it might as well look good and be easy to use.

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Regularly used function buttons are along one one edge, with a clear LED indication which has been pressed.  The mute key is indented to make it easy to find and press without looking. Being a regular function for conference calls and as a receptionists tool the mute key is also slightly larger and closes to the user.

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The phone has to sit in an office environment and not look completely out of place or be screaming for attention out of the corner of your eye all day, hence the muted and corporate color pallet. Textured plastics on the touch points for grip and to be hard wearing over time.  The details and refinement still stand out though making it an iconic piece of desk furniture.


The handset has good clearance to the base station making it easy to pick up. The handset is slim, lightweight and convenient to use for short calls. Its form is almost intended to discourage use for longer calls where using a headsets promotes better posture, comfort, and is generally less tiring than holding a handset. No handset design will be better than a headset for long calls so the decision was made to avoid accommodating the behavior in the first instance.

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The handset is held in place with magnets that locate it in onto the base without the need for deep recesses keeping the whole phone modern and slim. The handset is still connected via a 'curly cord' as a wireless handset within an office environment stands a greater chance of going missing. In addition wireless handsets add cost for minimal benefit and desk phones are not considered a premium item. The whole phone can be adjusted with the integrated kick stand to set it at a preferred angle. 

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