Philips InnospireGo


Philips InnospireGo



InnospireGo is a near silent portable mesh nebuliser designed to be fast and silent whilst delivering respiratory medication to pediatric patients and adults of all ages. A large challenge for this product was ensuring the ergonomics and ease of use matched the broad range of ability for such a varied user group. 

Keeping the device lightweight and reducing the number of components to clean and maintain were critical to end users, as well as the ability to take treatments at a time and place that suits their lifestyle.  A focus was placed on reducing the burden of use for all apsects of maintaining the handset such as cleaning an storing.  


The InnospireGo design langauge was the first of a new generation of portable nebulisers for Philips, so creating a language that was scalable and ownable was critical. We focused on detials to strike a ballance between providing character and approachability whilst at the same time communicating inherent functionality and intent.  Being acceptable to children had to be tempered with a certain degree of professionalty to avoid being identified as a toy. The end result hides many of the challanges that were faced to maintain the clean aesthetic.


With a product that must be held to the face consideration for branding takes on a number of challenges.  Making sure that a brand is clearly identifiable, but without being imposing or brash given the proximity and personal nature of the product. Considerations like ensuring we are not branding the user when they have a mask to their face make subtlty of execution key.   Philips as a brand that understands its customers with a clean and identifiable workmark make it a joy to impliment in this regard.  


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