Squibble Portable Braille Interface

Squibble is a pocketable Braille interface.  When paired via bluetooth to a smartphone or computer it allows users with visual impairement to access technology through a common touch interface.

Squibble is designed to be easy to hold and pocket, with an asymmetric form for ease of orientation.  The silicone skin wraps around the device to help handling when reading using the phalanges of the fingers. 


Features such as messages, contact lists and GPS can be interacted with through Braille and a universal symbol driven interface.  It gives the option to use a combination of sight, touch and sound to access your personal information and get the best user experience regardless of the level of visual impairment.



Squibble is designed with fashion in mind. Although it falls into the category of an assisted device  it tries to avoid the stereotypes of this category of product.  It is designed to be intriguing and approachable for everyone, and to be appealing and multi-censorial regardless of visual impairment. 



Much exploration was done to create a form that was correct for handling and usability.  Environmental consideration was key, designing to allow use in situations that make traditional audio feedback a challenge.  The design was also being sympathetic to both the tactile and visual aspects of the design from a pure fashion point of view. 



 The internal structure of Squibble allows a small package for a device with so many mechanical components. Most of this miniaturisation was achieved through the use of an external chassis, and integrated supports for individual components off this. 



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